Özen İş Makina manufactures molds, mold accessories and spare parts for the glass sector in the production facility established in 5000 m2 area in Mersin-Tarsus Organized Industrial Zone with its 46 years knowledge and experience. Mold design, development and manufacturing are carried out according to customer’s technical drawings or by using reverse engineering methods. It produces single-piece, double-piece, 3 and 4-piece engraved molds for Press – Press & Blowing Spin – IS processes of glass-making producers and continues its presence in domestic and international markets. It is also an approved supplier of glass manufacturers which are world leaders in the industry.

In addition to its main activities in mold manufacturing, Özen İş Makina also manufactures precision machining parts for machine,  offshore and energy sectors as serial production and according to customer’s specifications by using its mold making know-how, experience and ability.

Özen İş Makina always offers the best and most innovative service to its customers within the frame of its value and vision.