Özen İş Makina uses various Thermal Spray Coating techniques. HVOF, PTA, J3, SUPERJET are the coating techniques and devices used in Özen İş Machinery. HVOF (High Speed Oxy Fuel Spray) is a dense coating technique in which molten materials are sprayed with high temperature and high speed gas flow to improve and repair the surface properties or dimensions of the product. Thanks to this coating, Özen İş Makine’s products have long life, resistance, efficiency and ability to work higher or lower temperatures. The PTA (Plasma Transfer Ark) coating method is a method in which the special mixture powdered metal is melted in the plasma arc pool and welded to the surface. The main advantage of this coating is that the welding penetration and thickness can be precisely controlled. With this coating method, the products have the resistance, long life and ability to work higher or lower temperatures.